Identità, Territorio, Passione: da qui nascono i nostri vini, custodi dei luoghi da cui traggono origine ed amorevole specchio di essi.



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Loc. Fossatello – 05018 Orvieto

About us

Tenuta Freddano is located in Fossatello, over the hill overlooking Corbara Lake, at about 15km from Orvieto. Our winery is in the hearth of Orvieto Classico production area and it extends over 22 hectares at an altitude of about 400m.

The vineyard area is 6,5 hectares. The subsoil is medium textured; the vineyards have a very good exposure to the south with an average density of planting of 500 vines per hectare and the training system is Guyot espalier. Our white grape varieties  are: Grechetto, Malvasia, Procanico, Vermentino and Chardonnay. Merlot as red variety. These are vineyards with traditional expertise: harvesting by hand, sustainable agriculture, state-of-the-art winemaking.

The production of olive oil also has an important role, it represent  an ancient activity with great tradition. The olive groves cover a surface of about 6,5 hectares. The varieties used are: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, Roio. The olives are hand picked at the start of maturation, immediately brought to the mill and milled the same day, without filtration. The result is an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, the natural juice extracted from the finest olives,  rich of polyphenolic substances, with  high nutritional and  protein values and low acidity.

Our mission is to help Tenuta Freddano grow thanks to all the passion we put in our work; we are passionate about everything we do, respecting the history, the tradition, the terroir. We want to fulfil our dream with small and big step.

“Freddano: un sogno diventato realtà.

L’odore della terra, il profumo delle stagioni

i ricordi dell’infanzia”

Our history

The early 20th century

In the early 20th century there was a mass migration from Europe to United States of America. Men in search of fortune, not much more than a suitcase, hoping one day to return to their country.

That was why in 1913 Sante Freddano left his native country to reach the city of Planfield in New Jersey.


few years later, in 1927, he was able to send back a sum of money to buy the estate, rich of olive trees and vine plants.


The great economic crash of 1929 in the United States, urged Mr. Freddano to return to his country. In September of 1931, he finally returned home to realize his dream: to cultivate the land and reap its benefits that is among the ancient ambitions of human being.


The main economic activities of the estate were related to viticulture, olive growing, agriculture and cattle breeding. Our predecessors didn't have nothing to do with DOC, IGT, disciplinary production and wine making techniques but they worked with love and great respect for nature and the fruits of the land.


Tenuta Freddano was inherited by the son of Sante Freddano, Giulio. In 1987 he started bottling wine and evo oil and, in order to sell them, he also opened four wine shops in the historyc centre of Orvieto.
In the 1995, Giulio Freddano decided to embrace the method of cultivating biological agriculture and since 2001 we have been producing organic wine from organic grapes.


My name is Chiara Fiorentini, I'm 28 years old and I am the current owner of Tenuta Freddano. I deeply love nature and good wine. Giulio Freddano and I crossed paths in 2019 and together with my family, in December 2019 we decided to buy the estate.

“Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” That's why, at the age of 87, Giulio is still working with us, taking care of the vineyard and the cellar. He teaches us daily great wisdom and a feeling of attachment to his land and everytime we fall in love with his work ethic.