Our Torrale shines like a rainbow in the sky, a masterpiece born from careful study and deep love for the land that generated it.

When we decided to plant our precious vineyard, we made a wonderful discovery: the soil that welcomed us had secretly held the Tiberine Lake in ancient times.

A saltwater lake, originating from the impressive movement of mountain ranges that rose majestically. The presence of marine fossils and the saltwater still residing in the soil gave us the opportunity to cultivate the purely marine grape variety, Vermentino, thus imparting the soul of the sea in every single drop of this divine nectar.

The bold choice of the name Torrale was determined by an image that evokes a powerful wind dancing among the waves, carrying with it the scents and freshness of the sea. Imagine that wind gently whispering through the vine rows, gracefully caressing the Vermentino clusters and transforming our wine into a true symphony of marine flavors and aromas. Torrale is a tribute to the sea, a celebration of the boundless energy it gives us, making every sip of this wine an unforgettable sensory journey into the depths of the sea.


Location: Umbria, Lake Corbara – Orvieto
Grape Variety: Vermentino
Altitude: Approximately 350 meters above sea level
Soil Type: Medium texture, sedimentary, clayey, and calcareous soil of marine origin
Planting Density: 5,000 plants per hectare
Harvest: Second half of September, hand-harvested
Production: Approximately 11,000 bottles
Alcoholic Fermentation: Stainless steel tanks for 15-20 days at controlled temperature
Alcohol Content: 13% Vol


Ideal for aperitifs, perfect for all types of fish-based dishes, seafood, light vegetable appetizers, and white meat main courses.

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