Vigna di Giulio MMXIX

Chardonnay Riserva DOC

Our precious creation, like a ray of sunshine kissing a flower garden, dresses in a golden yellow with greenish reflections that capture the eye and dance like leaves in the wind. It’s as if the sun itself has left its imprint in every single drop of this wine, making each sip a charming and warm experience.

On the nose, the wine manifests itself with an intensity that envelops the sense of smell, capturing attention with a symphony of vanilla and mineral notes that create a magnetic harmony. The encounter with the nose is like a sensory journey through succulent white-fleshed fruit, enriched by vegetal and floral hints of orange blossom and broom. It’s as if you’re immersed in a fragrant garden, with each aroma delicately blending with the other, offering an enveloping and unforgettable sensation.

Once the wine settles on the palate, it reveals a masterpiece of balance. The vanilla notes, like a sweet caress, mingle with ripe fruit such as pear and peach, creating a perfect taste combination that delights the taste buds. The minerality makes its way with determination, giving the wine a strong and enveloping personality, while freshness takes center stage, enhancing the savory notes and providing an unforgettable taste experience. And in the finish, the buttery notes, the result of patient work on the fine lees through careful batonnage, reveal themselves, adding a touch of creaminess and complexity that echoes the final symphony of flavor.

La Vigna di Giulio, a name that resonates as a tribute to the timeless founder of the company, Giulio Freddano. Even today, his presence is tangible, like a trusted advisor and guide who accompanies us on our journey. With his name, we pay homage to his passion and legacy, uniting the roots of the past with the creativity of the present.

So, let’s raise our glasses and toast to La Vigna di Giulio, a wine that encapsulates a new level of excellence, a chromatic treasure that shines in the world of winemaking.


Production Area: Umbria, Lake Corbara – Orvieto
Grapes: Chardonnay
Altitude: Approximately 350-400 meters above sea level
Soil Type: Medium texture, sedimentary, and clayey limestone of marine origin
Planting Density: 5,000 plants per hectare
Harvest: Late August
Production: Approximately 2,100 numbered bottles
Alcoholic Fermentation: In stainless steel for 15-20 days at controlled temperature
Aging: In oak barrels for 3 months after fermentation. 33% in barrique, 67% in stainless steel
Alcohol Content: 13% Vol


Ideal with seafood appetizers and first courses, raw seafood, salmon, fresh and aged cheeses, and white meats.