T h e C o m p a n y

We are a company where the colors of tradition and the values of family blend harmoniously, creating a timeless masterpiece.

F o s s a t e l l o V i n e y a r d s : T h e H e a r t o f O r v i e t o W i n e

We are a company in which the colors of tradition and the values of family blend harmoniously, creating a timeless masterpiece.

Our beating heart is located in the beautiful town of Fossatello, embraced by hills overlooking the picturesque Corbara Lake. This wonderful water basin, born from the enchanting damming of the Tiber River, gives us a unique setting, located just 15 kilometers from Orvieto.

Our company extends over an area of 28 hectares, rising between 350 and 400 meters above sea level. Here, in the heart of the “classic” production area of Orvieto wine, we cultivate our vineyards with passion and dedication, which cover 7.5 hectares of medium-textured soil. The vines, embraced by the warm southern sun, benefit from excellent south-facing exposure, with a density of 500 plants per hectare, trained with the Guyot system.

Among our varieties of white grape we have the magnificent Grechetto, the fragrant Malvasia, the valuable Procanico, the characteristic Vermentino and the sumptuous Chardonnay. While for red grapes, we have chosen the elegant Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

T r a d i t i o n a n d P a s s i o n : E x c e l l e n t W i n e s a n d O l i v e O i l f r o m L o v i n g H a n d s

The care of our vineyards still follows ancient traditions, with patient and loving work of the hands of farmers. The harvest, a magical moment when we collect the fruit of our labor, is carried out exclusively by hand, to preserve the quality and integrity of the grapes.

But it is not just wine that is part of our history, olive growing plays a very important role in our activities. This ancient art, passed down from generation to generation, is developed on a 6 hectare olive grove, where the noble varieties of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Roio thrive. Here too, we follow traditions scrupulously, manually collecting the olives at the first stage of ripening and bringing them to the mill on the same day of harvesting.

The result of this care and dedication manifests itself in an extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality, an authentic “juice of Olives”. This precious nectar, rich in polyphenols, with high protein and nutritional values and very low acidity, is a true culinary treasure.

Our company is the result of a rich history of events that have intertwined over the years.
Our fertile and precious land gives us solid foundations on which to build our dreams.

The strategic location, immersed in a still unspoiled world, offers us unique opportunities. But it is above all the passion and love we have for this project that push us forward and fight every day, so that the company takes off and realizes our great dream.

We dream of sharing with the world the beauty and authenticity of our products, bringing a piece of our soul into every sip of wine and every drop of oil.