T h e E s t a t e

The Estate

V i n e y a r d s , N a t u r e , a n d P a s s i o n

The Estate, nestled among gentle hills and sun-kissed vineyards, is a natural gem. Here, solar energy and morning breezes create ideal conditions for grape growth, while the Italian pre-Apennine climate tempers the seasons. Nature plays a crucial role, from drying the nighttime moisture to nourishing the land after the harvest.

The Estate is a true feast for the eyes, with its gentle slopes embracing the vineyards.

Thanks to their south to southeast orientation, the vineyards enjoy a wonderful exposure to the sun, lovingly kissing each plant and fostering lush growth.

It’s as if the sunlight dances among the rows, imparting a unique vitality to the grapes.

Natural Harmony at the Estate

B e t w e e n V i n e s a n d W i n d s : L i f e a n d C o l o r s o f t h e E s t a t e

The estate’s altitude and its proximity to the lake create a perfect harmony with the morning winds. These gentle and caressing winds venture through the rows early in the morning, drying the nighttime moisture that could otherwise promote the onset of pathogens. It’s a work of nature that unfolds every day, a subtle ballet that preserves the health and vitality of the plants.

The climate that surrounds it is typical of the pre-Apennine central Italy, an embrace that keeps the harshness of winter at bay. The seasons follow one another harmoniously, with a cool and humid spring gently watering the earth, preparing it for the warm summer that follows. Autumn, on the other hand, lingers in time, offering mild and colorful days. The abundant rains that arrive after the harvest are like a final kiss from nature, nourishing the land and allowing the plants to rest and prepare for a new cycle of life.

This estate embodies the beauty and harmony of nature, a place where the earth and the sky embrace in perfect union. Here, the passionate and respectful work of the winemakers joins the majesty of nature, giving birth to wines that tell the story of this land and carry the soul of a unique territory.

"Green valleys, blue of a hundred hills in Umbria."

– Robert Laurence Binyon, Poeta inglese




Terroir and region

U m b r i a a n d L a k e C o r b a r a


Immersed in the enchanting Umbria, the region that shines green like the beating heart of Italy, our Tenuta Freddano stands proudly. Its roots delve into the lands that were once embraced by the majestic Tiber River, an inland sea that bestowed our clayey soils with an unmistakable minerality that still reflects in our wines today.

The magical location of Fossatello, only 15 kilometers from Orvieto, stands as the cradle of our production, nestled within the classic production area of Orvieto DOC. Here, among our sprawling vineyards, the loamy soil gifts us an invaluable treasure. Thanks to an optimal sun exposure, our vineyards warmly embrace the midday sun rays.

Our terroir is a landscape of emotions, a symphony of colors and flavors that dance harmoniously among our vines. In this enchanted setting, the grapes grow vigorously, kissing the earth with their juicy and ripe fruits. Here, in the heart of this land rich in history and tradition, the magic of our wines is created, where the warmth of the sun and the mineral character of the soil merge in a unique and unmistakable embrace.

We are proud to be part of this extraordinary Umbrian land, to be custodians of a unique terroir, and to offer wine enthusiasts sensory experiences that convey the magic and soul of this enchanted place. We are bound to our land, captivated by its beauty, and inspired by its millennia-old history. In every sip of our wines, you can perceive the authentic essence of our territory, the love and passion that permeate every inch of our vineyards.

Our Tenuta Freddano is a corner of paradise, a refuge of beauty and authenticity. And we are grateful to be able to share this wonder with all those who love to discover the essence of places through the wines that safeguard the most authentic stories.

La Cantina

T h e N e w S t r e n g t h e n s t h e O l d

In accordance with our longstanding traditions, we embarked on this new adventure with passion, creating a modern cellar that strengthens and honors the teachings of the past. This new space not only expands our winemaking processes with state-of-the-art equipment but also establishes an elegant and minimalist venue designed to host our guests in unforgettable gatherings.

After periods of intense dedication and with great resilience, the new cellar finally opened its doors in October 2023, enthusiastically welcoming friends, supporters, and dignitaries. This moment marked a significant chapter in our history, highlighting the dedication and passion that guide our journey.

We firmly believe that innovation, when embraced while respecting our roots, is the key to our success. We will continue on this path with determination, keeping tradition alive as we build the future of our love for wine and our company.